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  • Day-walks are generally in National and State Parks within a reasonable driving distance of Gisborne and car-pooling is used as much as possible. However, walks that can be accessed by public transport are also favoured.
  • The day-walks are generally scheduled for two weekend days in each month plus a mid-week (wednesday) walk each month.
  • There are rarely full pack-carrying activities.
  • At least one challenging walk and a family day walk are scheduled each six months.
  • There are usually three activities each year involving a base camp in a location offering a series of integrated day walks. Recent examples include Anglesea, Mt Buffalo, Falls Creek and Phillip Island. Cabin-style accommodation is usually favoured for these activities.
  • Occasionally, interstate base camps are arranged, such as to Tasmania, NSW or ACT.
  • Walk Leaders are members of the Club who volunteer to identify a suitable walk for their chosen date, then check the suitability of the walk, provide a description of the walk for the Newsletter and co-ordinate transport arrangements for the day. The Leader then takes responsibility for the successful completion of the walk on the day.
  • Provided appropriate arrangements are made by the Walk Leader, all walkers who are club members (or signed-up temporary members) and the Walk Leader are covered by insurance made available through the Club's affiliation with Bushwalking Victoria.

The attached calendar shows the walks planned for Jan to June 2021:


Download this file (GBWC Activities Template Jan - June 2021.pdf)GBWC Activities February - June 2021[ ]102 Kb